Do all agent installs (windows, linux, mac) support all executions ?

  • 3 March 2022
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From what i can see executions use scripts and tools which depends on the underlying platform (OS), powershell VS bash for example. I am wondering if we can have a scenario using a mix of these executions to run on an agent on a certain platform ? I expect we can not launch powershell executions from a linux agent ? How is this handled in the product ?


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@nico_lembrechts this depends on the module your using. I’ll break this down both for Endpoint Security module and advanced scenarios module. 

Endpoint security module is only going to give you the options to run the scenario for the selected OS. So if you select linux as your first option it will only give you the scenarios available for linux to create that template, once the template is created and you go to select the agent it will only allow you to launch if the agent is installed on linux. 

For Advanced Scenarios you can build a template/assessment with all windows executions, say you build 25 executions and of those 25 executions 1 of them is generic to run on any OS. If you select a windows and a linux host then the windows host will run 25 and the linux host will only run 1 generic execution.