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  • 16 February 2022
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Is there currently an on-prem deployment option? Can you please point me to a documentation / comparison where this is described.


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Hey @pedr ,


No, Cymulate doesn’t have an on-premise deployment.



Hi @pedr of you could contact me ( I’d like to understand a bit more about your use case. 

Too add some more to David’s correct answer:

We did look into the possibility of an on-prem deployment, but the limited benefits did not overcome the very significant drawbacks.

With an on-prem methodology, you cannot accurately simulate the vast majority of attacks facing an environment.  With 80%+ of attacks coming from outside the organization (via email, or socially engineered link clicking, etc.), the initial infiltration for simulation must also originate outside the environment. 

Cymulate does have the ability to simulate internal-only attacks as well, starting from an Agent that does have at least limited external connectivity (port 443 to a limited number of URL’s), and propagating from there to devices that do not have external connectivity if such propagation is possible (Lateral Movement, Full Kill-Chain, and Advanced Scenarios Modules in Cymulate).

Happy to set up a quick call with your local Sales and/or Customer Success teams if you would like to go into more detail on any of this! Just let us know.