Trouble Running Mail Relay Attacks

  • 14 June 2023
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I'm experiencing an issue where I'm unable to run mail relay attacks on my target email address. Despite the agent being turned on, I keep receiving an error message stating that the agent isn't turned on. I've already restarted both my PC and the agent, but the problem persists. How can I resolve this issue? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @Mike_U 

I would recommend that you contact our great support team ( to get you the quickest turnaround on this.

Based on my experience, I would go through the following:

  • Which authentication method was used to connect the agent and the target mailbox?
  • Has the password expired?
  • If using O365 Interactive or Device Code options, it may be that the authentication token has expired. By default, this is 90 days, but it is customisable from within Azure.
  • I would also try to reauthenticate as part of the troubleshooting. It may simply resolve the issue or give an indication as to what the cause is.

Keep well!