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  • 11 February 2022
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how to update agent alreday installed before ?
my agent setting is check for auto update, still have old version

i do force update from connected agent in cymulate dashboard, but nothing happen from version agent

any guide for this update ?


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You can manually just run the new installer by downloading it from the console as normal. However, the automatic updating process should happen automatically.  We have a couple scheduled tasks that are set whenever you install the agent as shown below:



Please make sure that you are seeing these in your scheduled tasks.


If you are seeing these and you are still having issues there are two specific logs to check and see if you see anything to assist with troubleshooting:

1, C:\ProgramData\Cymulate\Agent\AgentLogs\CymulateAgentUpdaterLog

2, C:\ProgramData\Cymulate\Agent\AgentLogs\CymulateAgentLog


If you aren’t able to get to the bottom of it and it appears the task is running appropriately feel free to open up a case with support and we will get it taken care of.

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Thank you so much