Cymulate Community Challenge: Share your best practices and win prizes!

  • 11 January 2023
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Cymulate Community Challenge: Share your best practices and win prizes!
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To celebrate reaching 2000 community members, we want to hear from YOU about the creative and effective ways you are using Cymulate to improve your cybersecurity posture. Whether it's a unique use case, an innovative solution, or clever automation, we want to hear about it.

To enter, simply submit a brief description of your best practice along with any relevant screenshots (if possible). Entries will be judged on their originality, practicality, and overall impact on improving cybersecurity.

The winner will get a 1:1 meeting with our CTO or VP Product, as well as exclusive Cymulate swag. Don't miss this opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with the community, and learn from the experts in the business.

You have until January 31 to submit

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Hey everyone!

As a CISO, I use Cymulate on a daily basis to help me stay on top of vulnerabilities and threats to our organization's network and systems.

First thing in the morning, I check the alerts that the platform sent me overnight. This allows me to quickly identify any new vulnerabilities that have been discovered and determine which ones are the most critical and need to be patched immediately.

Then I run simulated attacks on our systems to identify any weaknesses and vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. This allows me to see how our systems would hold up against real-world attacks, and it helps me determine which vulnerabilities are the most critical to patch.

Throughout the day, I also use Cymulate to keep an eye on the status of ongoing vulnerabilities and patches. This allows me to track the progress of our team's work and ensure that all vulnerabilities are being addressed in a timely manner.

Finally, I use Cymulate to generate reports on the vulnerabilities and patches that have been addressed. This allows me to keep an accurate record of our organization's cybersecurity efforts and provide regular updates to management.

Overall, Cymulate is a valuable tool that helps me stay on top of vulnerabilities and threats. It allows me to prioritize which vulnerabilities need to be patched first, track the progress of ongoing patches, and generate reports for management. It's definitely a tool that I rely heavily on as a CISO.


You guys rock! Keep it up!