Cymulate Q1 Innovations: Shaped by Your Voice 🚀

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Last quarter, we have launched a series of enhancements, proudly announcing that 70%-80% of our roadmap is shaped by customer feedback! 

Here's an overview of the key features that are refining our product's capabilities: 

 New Integrations 🔗 (Requested by 22 customers!) 

  • 🎟️ Ticketing System: Jira 

  • 🚨SIEM: Exabeam 

  • 🔐 EDR: Check Point and Cisco 

Breach and Attack Simulation 

EDR Mitigation Rules 🛠️ 

Based on the results of endpoint assessments, Cymulate now suggests mitigation rules that can be applied in EDR controls to detect, prevent, and mitigate threats missed during the assessment. (Read more in Knowledge Base) 🤺 

Windows Event ID SIEM Queries  🖥️ 
Introduces Windows Event ID queries to validate SIEM visibility and detection. (Read more in Knowledge Base)  🕵️‍♂️                       


Updated Assessment Reports: Statuses and Status Reasons  🔄 
Assessment reports now include payload status (“prevented”, “not prevented”, and “not tested”) and supporting details. (Read more in Knowledge Base)  💡 


MITRE ATT&CK® Heatmap 🌡️ 
Updated our Heatmap and Advanced Scenarios dashboard to the latest MITRE version, 14.1. 🧠 


Continuous Automated Red Teaming – Phishing 

Attaching HTML resources📎 

Enhances our Phishing Awareness Campaigns by allowing HTML resources as attachments, improving our ability to track email engagement. 🐟 

Attack Surface Management 

New Relationships Module 🔗 

Identify subsidiary domains and their associated assets, which could be considered in the external attack surface. 🌐 

Domain Takeover Tool 🏴‍☠️ 

Identifies potential threats from subdomains pointing to inactive services, enhancing our domain security. 🛡️ 


Automatically Provision User Accounts 
Introduces API endpoints for programmatically managing user accounts, enhancing administrative efficiency. ⚙️ 


Support Multiple API Keys 🔑 
Allows for the generation of multiple API keys, facilitating secure, flexible integration with various applications and environments. 🗝️ 

Exposure Analytics 

Asset tags  🏷️ 

Provides the ability to manually or automatically tag assets, enhancing asset management and categorization. 📊 


New severity calculation ➕ 

Introduces a refined severity calculation for findings, based on correlations with other data points, ensuring more accurate risk assessment. 📈 


Improved integrations experience 🔗 

It offers an enhanced view of integration statuses and error messages, streamlining troubleshooting and management. 🛠️ 


New task prioritization 📋 

Prioritizes tasks based on the severity of their most severe finding, optimizing our security efforts and resource allocation. 🎯   


Your insights spark our innovation! Share your ideas here and let's make a difference.  

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