Introducing the Cymulate Academy and Upgraded Knowledge Base!

  • 20 November 2023
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Introducing the Cymulate Academy and Upgraded Knowledge Base!
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Dear Community,

We're thrilled to introduce two exciting additions aimed at enhancing your experience within the Cymulate platform: the Cymulate Academy and an upgraded Knowledge Base!

Cymulate Academy: Your Training Hub The Cymulate Academy is your ultimate destination for comprehensive training, designed to empower you with in-depth knowledge about leveraging the Cymulate platform effectively. With our on-demand courses, you can learn at your own pace, exploring various modules and features offered by Cymulate.

What's Available Now: Currently, we're thrilled to offer the Cymulate BAS learning course. Expect more enriching courses coming your way in the near future, covering a broader spectrum of functionalities and tools.

How to Access: Simply click on the Help Center icon within the platform and select "Cymulate Academy" to embark on your learning journey.

Upgraded Knowledge Base: Unveiling New Features Our Knowledge Base has undergone a significant transformation, tailored to offer you a seamless and informative user experience.

Key Upgrades Include:

  1. Hierarchical Table of Contents: Navigate effortlessly with a clear, structured layout.
  2. PDF Downloads: Access articles offline with downloadable PDFs for easy reference.
  3. Last Updated Information: Stay current with article update timestamps.
  4. Glossary Definitions: Instant clarity with helpful pop-up definitions for glossary terms.
  5. Context-Based Help: Utilize the in-app widget for context-specific guidance, ensuring a smoother user experience.

How to Access the Knowledge Base and In-App Help: Click on the Help Center icon within the platform and select the relevant option to dive into the wealth of information available.

We're committed to providing you with tools and resources that amplify your Cymulate journey. Explore these new features, dive into the Academy courses, and let us know how they elevate your experience!

Happy learning and exploring,




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