Unveiling Security Insights: 5 Cool Facts from Our 2024 Report 🔍

  • 13 March 2024
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Unveiling Security Insights: 5 Cool Facts from Our 2024 Report 🔍
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Taking inspiration from over 500 customers, Cymulate's latest report reveals key trends and strategies for staying ahead.

Here are 5 cool facts you need to know:

  • Global Shifts: Cybersecurity trends across different regions showcase the dynamic battle against cyber threats.
  • A Critical Wake-Up Call: A significant 5% decrease in security control effectiveness signals an urgent need for enhanced strategies.
  • Vulnerability Alert: With 76% of customers identifying at least one high-severity vulnerability, robust vulnerability management is key.
  • Enduring Threats: Persistent dangers from Log4Shell and Pikabot emphasize the need for targeted security enhancements.
  • Exposure Management: The critical importance of network audits and segmentation is highlighted by the risks of exposed management services.

Further Learning 

🌐 Get more insights, including benchmarking across various geographies, industries, and organizational sizes, by exploring the  2024 State of Exposure Management & Security Validation report.

💬 Join our upcoming webinar for an in-depth discussion on optimizing your approach to managing vulnerabilities, threats, and controls.  


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