Slack notification when scan starts and stop

Greetings colleagues,

I am seeking information on the capability to integrate Slack with Cymulate by sending notifications for the initiation and completion of scans.

Could anyone provide insight if this integration is supported and, if so, the necessary steps for proper setup?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Hi Orel,

Currently there isn’t a native integration with Slack, but this is a good idea.

Curious if other folks in the community would want this?






I turned your question into an idea.

Would be interested in seeing how other members feel about this feature.

It's great to hear your ideas and questions. Keep them coming.


Thank you for this!


Thank you for your quick response.

Can you tell if email is supported for this purpose, or any other suggestion to be notified when it starts and stops?

Tnx again!

Hi Orel,



Under user management, select your user and set your email preferences:

See an update we recently made for non-user notifications here: 

I hope this helps.