Cymulate Researchers Unveils Advanced Lateral Movement Template

  • 25 May 2023
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Cymulate Researchers Unveils Advanced Lateral Movement Template
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Our research team has just unveiled a new advanced scenario template for preventing Lateral Movement attack tactics. A detailed description can be found here, but for an immediate snapshot, take a look at the Advanced Scenarios interface on the Cymulate platform. 


Preview of the Lateral Movement Template in Action 

Begin by setting up an assessment using the Top Lateral Movement Template found under the Advanced Scenario tab. 


Afterwards, review the results to gain insights into your system's vulnerabilities. 

Get more information. 

Get guidance on mitigation strategies. 

Once you've implemented mitigation measures, you can easily verify their effectiveness by re-running the assessment with just one click. 


This Lateral Movement template is part of an ongoing series covering various attack categories. The previous ones explored credential dumping, data exfiltration, and command and control tactics.  

Being aware of the effectiveness of people, processes, and technology allows organizations to spot gaps, decide on the optimal combination of these elements to bridge these gaps, and confirm the effectiveness of the remedial measures. 

With the inclusion of these chainable execution techniques in the Advanced Scenarios module, Cymulate's platform simplifies the task for cybersecurity teams, enabling them to simulate a broad range of techniques used in specific types of attacks. 



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