🚨Pay to play PrivateLoader spreads Smokeloader, Redline, Vidar malware🚨

  • 9 February 2022
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🚨Pay to play PrivateLoader spreads Smokeloader, Redline, Vidar malware🚨
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PrivateLoader is a modular downloader programmed in the C++ programming language connected to an unidentified PPI service. PrivateLoader sits at the front of this operation and communicates with its back-end infrastructure to retrieve URLs for the malicious payloads to "install" on the infected host. As is the case with downloaders tied to PPI services, PrivateLoader communicates a variety of statistics such as which payloads were downloaded and launched successfully. Distribution campaigns generally rely on a network of search engine optimization (SEO) enhanced websites that lure unsuspecting victims searching for warez aka pirated software to download and execute malware. A password-protected archive typically is delivered that contains a setup file that embeds and executes multiple malicious payloads on the infected host such as GCleaner, PrivateLoader, Raccoon, Redline, Smokeloader and Vidar malware.

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