Putting a Stop to Command and Control Attacks: Here's How

  • 16 March 2023
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Putting a Stop to Command and Control Attacks: Here's How
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Our research team just published a new advanced scenario template for Command and Control attack tactical steps. A full description is available here but you can get an immediate preview of how it looks in Cymulate Advanced Scenarios interface. 

Preview of the Command & Control Template in Action  

After creating an assessment from the Top Credential Dumping Command & Control Template from the Advanced Scenario tab  




Check the results.   : 

Get more information: 

Get mitigation guidance 


After mitigation, verify the implemented mitigation measures effectiveness at a click by re-running the assessment.      

The Command and Control template is the third of an ongoing series of templates covering additional attack categories. 
The two previous ones were  credential dumping executions that lead to gaining an initial foothold through abusing credentials, and data exfiltration executions leading to data theft.  

Knowing the effectiveness of people, processes, and technology enables organizations to identify gaps, define the best combination of the three to use to close the gap, and confirm the remediation has the desired impact.   

By including these chainable execution techniques in its Advanced Scenarios module, Cymulate’s platform makes it easier for cybersecurity teams to simulate a wide range of techniques used for specific attack types. 

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