Cymulate Processes question & Stager options

  • 27 November 2023
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Hi Team - We notice that all processes executed when running an assessment reside under a parent process PPID Cymulate.Agent.Service 

Process Questions:-

1 - does the EDRScenarioExecutor process execute All the assessment techniques such as Remote process injection, Reflective DLL injection, Fork & Run, Userland unhooking etc? we assume it does?

2- Is there any detailed documentation on how the EDRScenarioExecutor process behaves? 

Stager Question:-

1 - There are several Stager options in the BAS module (Powershell/Control panel etc) however there is little documentation i can find on how these operate in Cymulate. Could this be explained by the team or documented in more detail to understand better? 


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Hi Steve,

Yes, the process EDRScenarioExecutor starts all scenarios, your assumption is correct 😉
Regarding your request for documentation of the execution flow and the stagers, we are in process of updating the Knowledge Base and will include this topic at a later time.

Best regards,