[Endpoint Security Module] Access is denied

  • 18 January 2023
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Hello everyone!

I have launched an Endpoint Security Assessment which has failed. The main error is “Access is denied”:

An error occurred trying to start process 'C:\Program Files\Cymulate\Agent\Executor\36.0\CymulateEDRScenarioExecutor.exe' with working directory 'C:\Program Files\Cymulate\Agent\Executor\36.0'. Access is denied.

I have slightly debugged the problem and I can confirm that the user exists on the machine as well as the exceptions made in the EDR are the following:

  • ProgramData\Cymulate\Agent\**
  • Program Files\Cymulate\Executor\**
  • Program Files\Cymulate\CLI\**
  • Program Files\Cymulate\Service\**
  • Program Files\Cymulate\Agent\*

Has anyone else experienced this error on Endpoint Security Module or in another one? How could I debug deeper this error?

Thank you very much!


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Hey @inakiruiz 


It indeed looks like something is blocking the executor from running. 

It could be the EDR or lack of permissions. 


I would double-check the EDR exclusions or at least try to see if there are any detections/preventions around this process.

In addition, ensure the user you’re running the assessment with has the rights to access this file.


If it doesn’t work, please raise a ticket with our support at






How did you solve this issue?


Thanks in advance,


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Hi @pedro_rodriguez 

Have you reviewed the pre-requirements? Cymulate pre-requirements

We have vendor specific instructions as well as some of them need some extra steps to achieve the desired outcome. Whitelisting and exclusions in security products

Another triage option we have is to run the Diagnostics tool. This can be found by going to the Agents Management page.

This will to a check on the basics.

If you are not finding any joy, please reach out to our great support team via the management interface or email them via

Kind regards,