How to Simulate Data Exfiltration by SSH and P2P

  • 22 November 2023
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Hello Team, I need to simulate and test data exfiltration through the SSH and P2P protocol.

But I didn't find a valid alternative for a PoC with a Customer.

Can I use advanced scenarios?

Any ideas that might help me?


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3 replies

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on the Data exfiltration module we simulate many protocols and services but not the SSH and P2P protocol, however as you mentioned in the advanced scenario there are plenty of scenarios for SSH protocol, you can find them by building a template and searching SSH in the search box, for example this scenario could be interesting: Remote Command Execution Using SSH on RHEL


Thank you very much for your help, I will do the test and return with the results.
Regarding the P2P protocol, do you have any idea how we can do it or simulate it?

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using the advanced scenario you can run the scenario names: “Remote Command Execution Using SSH on RHEL”, by creating a new template, selecting this scenario and filling in the Execution Input Arguments Configuration (Variables) and run it on the desired agent