Phishing campaign issue

  • 15 January 2024
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when i create a phishing campaign and launch it i don’t receive an email however the campaign report tells me it was sent but was not opened? wondered if there is a delay built into the campaign? 


also is it possible to add customer payloads to attachments? for example a Cobalt Strike customised Beacon payload. 




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It is possible that your email gateway blocked it,
We can double check from our side, please provide me with an attack id.

(you can DM me here, or email me at


Thank you!

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Assesment ID 65a54e721c7d6979dadf9597

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Hi Steve, I have asked customer success to contact you regarding the email not received to investigate the issue. Regarding the addition of Cobalt strike as an attachment, this feature is currently not supported, the attachments in phishing are used primarily to detect the user action.   

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Hi @Steve_Eyre 

As ​​​@idant  mentioned, this sounds like your email control may have stopped the email before it reached the intended mailbox.

Please review the requirements for the Phishing module here.

Also, I would recommend that you reach out to This will ensure your query is tracked and appropriately addressed from a technical perspective.