What's the purpose of the "Send trace" setting?

  • 17 October 2023
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This page Configuring module settings and profiles for the Service-based Agent in the Platform | Community ( only says, "Send trace - Enable to allow the agent to upload the attack trace to the cloud."

What's the purpose of this setting?


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4 replies

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Hi Christopher,

During the assessment, the agent is able to send trace logs to the server. This configuration determines whether the agent should send the trace logs or not.



Thanks @Cookie , but what’s in the trace logs? Are they like debug logs? Are they only required for troubleshooting or what are the pros/cons to enabling or disabling this setting?

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@christopher.stover Trace logs provide a user-friendly real-time record of system activities during assessments. Enabling trace logs allows you to monitor ongoing processes via the trace widget on the main Cymulate dashboard. If disabled, you will see fewer, less detailed traces, mainly server traces. Enabling trace logs enhances real-time monitoring and troubleshooting.


Very helpful, thanks @Cookie !